Pigment spots

Treat pigmentation disorders with the laser

Pigmentation spots are a problem for many people. Whether congenital pigmentation disorders, freckles or age spots – they are all disturbing. Most of the time these Pigmentation disorders caused by UV rays are a first sign of skin ageing. Fortunately, these small imperfections of the skin can be corrected with the laser so that the complexion appears regenerated and more even.

Although pigment spots are usually harmless, they are usually perceived as a nuisance that is not desirable on the face and décolleté. Pigment spots are accumulations of pigment in the skin and can be treated with the laser. These then disappear permanently.

Back to beautiful and spotless skin!


Before and after the treatment


The treatment of pigment spots or age spots is becoming increasingly popular for cosmetic and also medical reasons. Advances in laser technology allow successful treatment where none was possible before. For the patient, this means more comfort and satisfaction than ever before.

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Before and after 2 treatments with the laser to remove pigment spots.

Treatment results may vary.

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Why a treatment with the ICON?

The Icon™ Aesthetic System is the next generation platform technology. With cutting-edge performance, advanced cooling methods, integrated calibration and Skintel® – the only FDA-approved melanin meter – the Icon™ Aesthetic System delivers fast treatments with superior results.

Building on two decades of unparalleled experience, innovation and investment in OPL and laser system development, Palomar – a Cynosure Company – is redefining the standard for light and laser-based systems with the Icon platform system.

Advantages for the patient

  • Excellent results for pigmentation and age spots

    Non-invasive treatment

    Short treatment time (less than 30 minutes)

    Minimal side effects and virtually no downtime

    Comfortable, painless and well tolerated treatment

    Renewal of the skin

The results are just great! Many thanks to Dr. Hancik and the whole team of the surgery. If you also want to get rid of annoying scars, please don’t hesitate. I wish I had done the procedure much earlier!

Renate S. from Klagenfurt

For me as a woman, even small
spider veins are an absolute no-go. I have already learned to appreciate this laser when removing the pigment spots on my hands. Now these annoying little veins are also gone 🙂

Karla, St. Veiterin

I found out about this site because of the hair on my back. One phone call later I was there for a preliminary examination. You can see the results after the first treatment.

Robert H., Murau