Laser treatments

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Laser treatments are carried out by Dr. Paul Hancik in the practice in St. Veit an der Glan and in Vienna (in preparation). The following list of indications gives our patients a first insight into the desired laser treatment. You will receive more detailed information during a telephone or personal consultation, which is usually followed by an examination and consultation.

The multifunctional platform system Icon for the use of different lasers and flash lamps for almost all aesthetic indications.


  • Tattoo removal
  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Pigmentation disorders and vascular lesions
  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Skin tightening
  • Acne
  • Pregnancy and stretch marks
  • Skin regeneration
  • Spider veins
  • Melasma
  • Scars
  • Non-ablative skin resurfacing

Tattoo removal

Effective tattoo removal has finally become possible in recent years with the latest laser technology. With our pico-second laser device from Laser Lounge, you can enjoy the most painless and effective tattoo removal possible, even in multiple colours (a world first!).

Spider veins

Visible spider veins are a common problem as we age. Surgical removal of the vessels can leave scars at the puncture site, put patients at risk of infection and involve lengthy healing times. Even newer, less invasive procedures to remove spider veins still require local anaesthetics for pain relief.


Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a proven approach to skin rejuvenation that uses laser beams to work directly in the treated areas. The body’s natural healing powers rebuild the treated tissue with new collagen and elastin, leaving the skin looking more youthful and fresh.


Vascular lesions are a common problem of photodamaged skin. One of the challenges in treating vascular lesions is their varying sizes and depths. Successful therapy requires the complete destruction of the blood vessels.

Hair reduction

Light-based hair removal permanently reduces unwanted facial and body hair, with fewer treatments and significantly less pain than traditional procedures.

Skin rejuvenation

A treatment for the removal of pigmentation spots and vessels that is quick, easy, painless and well tolerated.

Remove acne scars and striae

Acne scars, surgical scars and striae can cause great emotional or physical distress to those affected. In severe cases, scars can even limit a person’s mobility.

Nail fungus

It is estimated that onychomycosis or nail fungus affects over one billion people worldwide. Fungal nail infections typically arise from fungi, such as yeasts and moulds. In most cases, fungal infections are caused by a specific group of fungi called dermatophytes.

Pigmentation disorders

Many people have pigmented spots. Although some types of pigmented lesions are present from birth, pigmentation is often the first sign of skin ageing. The demand for treatments to remove pigmentation spots is correspondingly high.


Effective laser applications
for a great result

The Icon™ Aesthetic System is the next generation platform technology. With cutting-edge performance, advanced cooling methods, integrated calibration and Skintel® – the only FDA-approved melanin meter – the Icon™ Aesthetic System offers fast treatments with excellent results.

With the Icon, users can offer the most requested and popular treatments such as skin resurfacing, laser-assisted wrinkle reduction, laser-assisted scar, pregnancy and stretch mark (striae) treatments, permanent hair reduction, and vascular, pigment and spider vein treatments: Safe, innovative, patient- and user-friendly. With outstanding results.