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Tattoo removal

Time for something new? We specialise in effective tattoo removal using the most advanced equipment. Simply arrange a free consultation now and hear more!

Tattoo removal – why with us?

Top devices

Our top device PICOLounge works in picosecond wavelengths. These extremely short pulses are the prerequisite for the ideal destruction of the colour cells in the skin.

Minimal scarring

We use cooling methods and recommended treatments to minimise scarring for a beautiful skin appearance.

Low pain

Afraid of treatment? With us you don’t have to be. We use high quality cooling gel and top of the range cooling equipment. For a comfortable treatment.


Dr. Hancik has years of experience as a treating physician and in dealing with laser treatments. Our team is regularly trained to stay on top of their knowledge.

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What our customers say:

I wanted to try something new and was curious to see if anything would still be visible from the old tattoo. I’ve just had my 5th treatment and you can hardly see anything anymore 🙂 It also hurts very little with the cooling. I was afraid of that.

Nina S.


I had my tattoo adjusted. It takes a few times until everything is gone but after a few months you can see the big difference. Where there used to be a coat of arms, there is now only skin (without scars!) I can only recommend it.

Matthias Salle


Dr. Paul Hancik has been offering his patients orthopaedic surgery and physical therapies for more than two decades.

Since 2015, Dr. Hancik has also specialised in non-invasive laser treatments.

Address: Villacher Straße 40, 9300 St. Veit an der Glan


An effective and painless procedure with top results

Earlier tattoo removal by laser was less effective than it is today with the methods available at the time. It is precisely the extremely short pulses in picosecond length that make it feasible to remove colour pigments under the skin. Time also plays a role. As shown in the picture below, the picosecond laser can break up colour pigments into microscopic particles. The result? Fewer treatments, faster results and less scarring.

A few before and after pictures…